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Welcome to RefPlus

Refplus designs and manufactures a complete line of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment as well as precision cooling equipment for server rooms, data rooms and control rooms.


Refplus is a leading supplier of customized products for all refrigeration applications.


Our team of engineers and technicians are the best in the field and design the most efficient products tailored for each specific needs.


All our products are sold across North America and are used in a multitude of applications in the food service, food retail, various industrial markets, arenas and other markets.


Refplus sells its products primarily through wholesale distributors, original equipment manufacturers (“OEM”.), contractors and direct to certain end-user customers.

(chilled and hot water coil)



Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for coils is available for Canadian installation when conditions require pressure vessel compliance.

Technical sales support

Internal Sales & Technical Service:

Constantin Soltuz, Ext. 233

Nayiri Sevan Bidanian, Ext. 228

Jose Paulo Garcia, Ext. 231

Customer Service Representative:

Marie Quirino, Ext. 201

Marylynn Dubé , Ext. 244

Richard Dicaire, Ext. 295

Director of Sales - Canada:

Sylvain Lapalme, Ext. 202

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